NERC Battle on the Parkway 2017

NERC Battle on the Parkway 2017

     On October 21, the Northeastern Robotics Club hosted their combat robotics competition, “Battle on the Parkway,”  at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.  Once a year, they transform one of the empty storage rooms into a robot fighting arena.  Our team, Centre County 4-H Robotics, returned with our crowd favorite robot CLOMP.  Over the past few months, we had been working to modify our bucket-clad combat robot.  Its division, the 30lb sportsman class, bans high powered spinners to encourage new and creative designs.  We designed an extremely strong new bucket, preventing hammer bots from being able to fully swing their hammer.  Along with our new bucket, we increased the power and made prongs to lift opponents off of the ground, completely trapping them.

      We won our first two matches against a crusher and a lifter by judges’ decision.  Unfortunately, we lost the next match against a wedge with a superior drivetrain.  We then faced a miniaturized version of Overhaul from Battlebots named Uberclocker, which was armed with a pincer/lifter.  It was a hard-fought battle, but with its clearly superior drivetrain and weapon it out-controlled CLOMP and Uberclocker was judged the winner. 

CLOMP came in 3rd place out of 15!  All and all, the kids and mentors on our trip thoroughly had a blast making the robot, and learned many lessons for next year. 

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