2017 Greater Pittsburgh Regional – Success!

2017 Greater Pittsburgh Regional – Success!

During the second weekend of March, the CC4H Robotics Team travelled to the Greater Pittsburgh Regional FIRST Robotics Competition along with their stylish robot Thorin Oakensnel. After prepping the pit and filing down the sharp edges of our robot, Team 4027 assembled alongside thirty-eight other robotics teams, ready to find out whose robot was the best at collecting fuel, installing gears, and climbing. We began in the qualification stage, which consisted of eleven matches for the robot. Our diligent build season came into fruition after we began winning match after match. Drivers Jacob Oakman and Lachlan Sneff controlled the robot with precision and composure from start to finish. While bad luck and tough breaks materialized in nearly every match, the team finished strong with an 8-3 record and the number 2 ranking. Next up: playoffs. During the selection stage, our foes turned to friends as we invited the Thunder Chickens and Creativity in Action to join our alliance. In the quarterfinals, our team took a narrow victory amidst two robot failures for our alliance partners. We also managed to engage all four rotors, a feat that very few teams across the world have accomplished so far this season. Unfortunately, we came up short during the semifinals. While the team was heartbroken, mentors and students immediately reminded everyone of how much we have accomplished this season. Beyond obtaining success, students managed to make new friends and learn engineering skills that can be used in future seasons. Following the competition, the team’s rigorous efforts were rewarded with the General Motors Industrial Design Award. In other words, it was easy for judges to see that our team meticulously created arguably one of the most efficient and consistent robots of the competition. After celebrating, we readied our airship and headed home. Come next build season, CC4H Robotics plans to utilize their experience to ensure another successful regional competition, and with a little luck, maybe even a trip to Worlds.


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